Reader talkback results: What sort of rules/guidelines should take place for Songkran 2021 in Pattaya?

Pattaya, Thailand:

The following is our popular weekly reader talkback results feature in which we ask our readers a question, usually one that is currently in the news, and then highlight a diverse range of answers roughly a week later.

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Reader Talkback: What sort of rules/guidelines should take place for Songkran 2021 in Pattaya?

This week, we want to ask you what guidelines or rules should be set in place for Songkran 2021 in Pattaya after the Thai Government made the announcement last week that events would be allowed. We ARE NOT asking if you agree or disagree with the event taking place or if it should, as we did that a few weeks ago.
We ARE asking, assuming the event goes ahead, which it seems that it will unless another round of Covid-19 infections breaks out in Chonburi, what rules and guidelines should take place?

Here is what you had to say. We selected a diverse range of opinions to highlight your answers. If you would still like to chime in you can message us in the comments below, on social media, or mail us for privacy at

As a note, the government has not yet made a decision on what the “rules” will be. This is expected sometime this week, likely Friday, March 19th, 2021.

Andy K-Songkran should go back to the accepted nationwide dates of Apr 13-15.
Water fights should be allowed in designated areas only. For example Walking Street. Beach near Royal Garden.Part of Jomtien Beach. These should be clearly marked or cordoned off.
This way people who do not wish to be part of this will have a choice and Covid controls are stronger.
In the old days, there was no such choice and water splashing became simply an act of aggression and bullish behavior.

Clifford K-So what will “toned-down” water play look like? And how do you enforce any rules for “toning down” water play? I’m all for outlawing water play entirely at least this year but preferably forever. Or limit water play to one and only one day so those that don’t care to have dirty water from unknown sources sprayed and tossed into our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, etc. can simply stay home that one day.

Michael W-Songkran should never have restrictions. Anyone who has seen old paintings knows the party was wilder centuries ago than it is today, contrary to popular belief. When Japan invaded/became friends with Thailand, the Japanese were concerned about the Thai female tendency to avoid shirts/blouses, so the law was changed. When I was first here in 1966 -1967, older women and young teen girls often did not wear shirts.  Upcountry, it was moderately common for a young vendor to be topless – Bangkok was stricter. Although European women on Pattaya beach didn’t bother with tops either.  Public toileting – both male and female were common as well.  A holey, ragged torn pah-Kao-mah exposing everything, drew no attention.

Dave-Restrict the zones and make them stick. Stick to Soi 6, LK Metro area, and place checkpoints entering where people will register like the fireworks festival or concerts. Limit crowds if it gets too busy. NO ice, that raises the risk and most people hate it. Ban the clay stuff (it’s banned anyways technically) and high-powered water guns, let people use the small guns and bowls. Strict enforcement of hours say 1 P.M.-6 P.M. Limit the days. This would keep most sides happy and honestly won’t see any Covid as in my opinion most of the ex-pats pretending to care about health in the guise of canceling the event just hate the event period but could care less about Covid.

Mick W-The attraction of the water fights etc. is mainly for tourists and for many years has attracted thousands of people to Pattaya. There are very few tourists and I’m not sure it will be such an attraction for the Thai people

Bryan B-Cancel it again and concentrate on vaccinating the people so that borders can reopen to tourists and get the economy moving in the right direction. Who knows you might even save some lives on the wet roads.

Neil V-i think it will be ok even though I’m against it! I played for a few years its fun a first, but every day gets old! I myself live far out enough near Food land where there will be no playing if any very little! it will be mostly on soi Buakhao, LK Metro, tree town, and some of the soi`s and Beach rd. so go for it. wear your mask Haha! that cold water spray!
Rolf-It doesn’t matter. There aren’t tens of thousands of tourists here and there will be a lot less Thai. Some of the biggest sois that participate are devastated currently and many bars are closed. There isn’t widespread Covid here. Yes, some of the local ex-pat brigade hates the event but it will be easy enough to avoid this year. Let the people play, there is certainly no more risk to Songkran than there is to what you see at any bar or nightclub here right now… let’s be honest. Sick of guys pretending to care about health when they just dislike something and want to cancel it for those who do like it.
Ric U-The Water trucks with the high-pressure fire hoses are definitely an annoying recent development. I hope they will be banned, yet with little to no enforcement, bans never work here.
Roberto Z-Cancel it, play it safe, vaccinate. Accept the new reality, get your heads outta the past.
Thomas C-Pretty pointless putting any rules in place for Songkran. They will just be ignored the same as any other rules.
Martin T-Water festival belongs in the water park Sukhumvit rd or any other place where it does not inconvenience the general public
Bart E-Guidelines for what?
It is extremely rare to have a casual transmission of the virus.
Virtually all cases are from CLOSE CONTACTS.
The chances of transmission outside in the sun are statistically zero.
Let the chicken little sheeple hide in their basements and let everyone else get back to LIVING their lives.
Roby M-
Do you really believe that the Virus exists and it’s not spreading because we wear masks?
I see close contacts everywhere, inside shops, restaurants, and bars, especially at weekends.
So far, no sickness; is the Thai Covid less viral?
As a matter of fact, the usual Songkran will not change the current situation. No one can monitor the asymptomatic.
Timothy-This would be a perfect chance to return to a traditional Songkran, even if only for one year. I am in my eighties and have been coming here for decades and truly enjoy the traditional, cultural Songkran festival. I understand that this isn’t “fun” for the young folks and not profitable for the businesses but one year of this certainly cannot hurt, correct?  It will also allow the festival to continue and families to spend time together but without the risk. It will be easy to return (and it will return, let’s be honest, it’s too much of a money earner) to the normal madness next year when tourists are here in large numbers.
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