Reader Talkback: Would YOU support mandatory Covid-19 testing, at ones own expense, for yearly foreign visa renewal in Thailand?

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The following is our weekly feature in which we ask our readers a newsworthy question at the start of each week and then highlight your responses to us the following week.

Last week, we asked you the following question: Do you have confidence that Thai authorities will resolve this round of Covid-19 infections? You can see what your fellow readers had to say here:

This week, we ask: What do you think about the possibility of foreigners being required to take a Covid-19 test as part of their yearly visa renewal process?

This comes as some media sources have highlighted a statement made in a recent Royal Gazette order that says the laws and requirements around foreigners have changed and added the requirement of having a Covid-19 test. However, there have been no official public announcements and many media sources (and embassies) are seeking clarification. Some media sources say this only means ‘migrant workers” or those with work permits, while others differ. The Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration commented briefly on this stating that it was currently only policy for migrant workers but “could” become policy for all foreign workers by next month, without mentioning other visas like family. However, many questions remain based on the vague wording of the Royal Gazette statement if it could apply to ALL foreigners and EVERY visa-marriage, retirement, education, etc.

It is also presumable that a Covid-19 test would be at one’s own expense and in Thailand, they are not cheap for a foreign national.

The Pattaya News would like to stress that despite this “news” going around there has yet to be an official announcement from the Thai Government and due to increasing pressure to make one will likely be clarification later this week.

Regardless, we want to hear what you have to think. Is this a good idea? Is it a bad idea? Why? You can respond here or on our social media pages like Facebook or Twitter or email us at We will share the results at the end of this week.

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