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Reader Talkback: Should foreigners involve themselves in Thai political protests?

And the results are in:

Overwhelmingly the results and answer was NO, foreigners should not be involved in political protests in Thailand. Keep in mind these are opinions of readers and may not reflect those of The Pattaya News Company Limited.

  Some highlights of responses are below, however, both positive and negative:

Earl: I am an American (sorry) and I will be moving to Thailand with my Thai wife. I was there last year and love it there. I am very active in peaceful demonstrations at home due to our government being the worst it has been in the 68 years I have lived here. I know I will be a guest in that country and should stay out of all of the political stuff, but if my Thai family is protesting and it is huge, I don’t know if I could hold back. After hearing about Thai prisons, I promise to be a gentelman 🙂 I like what Ken says about contacting our Embassy!

Sam: The question alone is a bit irritating. Everybody should be involved when injustice and arbitrariness are in the way of freedom of speech and life. I do not understand Farangs who just turn a blind eye and want to leave it all to the Thais themselves. Anybody who has been living here for years or decades knows the reality. So what is wrong to show some sympathy? The situation in Thailand and the tourism have been in a downfall for years – long before Covid. Will silence or blind obedience help? I guess there is a reason why hundreds of thousands are getting out to the road. I for myself see it, understand it and will morally assist as long as I can. Life matters regardless of the cause or the color of the skin. For all of us.

Stephen: Absolutely not. We are not Thais, we dont vote, we are not residents , only guests. Leave Thai politics to the Thais. Being married to a Thai or having Thai children or a job and paying taxes is irrelevant.

George: No I am from Australia and we are not there to interfere in another country politics. This is up to the people of Thailand

Charlie: My view for what it’s worth is direct involvement by say taking part in protest gatherings is unacceptable for foreigners – there has been (and continues to be) plenty of news about foreign interference in other nations political processes. However, the highlighting of unacceptable actions, by ANY side, is quite acceptable so long as it is based on factual information.

Ken: The best thing for foreingners to do, is to contact thier Embassies, and ask for their Government’s and Ambassadors to condem what is happening in our adopted country.
As many have said we are guests. To become physically involved could result in your deportation or denial of your next visa. Don’t think for a minute the CCTV and other footage will not be reviewed by Thai Immigration. However, That does not mean you can’t express your opinion to your Governments.

Evan: If you are not eligible to vote in Thailand then I believe you shouldn’t have a say and not get involved.


Should foreigners get involved? No. Not unless they want to be swiftly deported. The Thai authorities will be on the lookout for foreigners  in the protests for certain. I wouldn’t be. I’d be in a bar watching them walk by if I was in Pattaya. Or I’d leave the area quickly which is far better. 
However it’s fine to have an opinion. Just like my European friends do on Brexit or Donald Trump. 
Many foreigners outside might think if Prayuth resigned tomorrow and free and fair elections took place the new Thai government would suddenly open up and kick-start tourism. They wouldn’t. They’d be as afraid as Prayuth is now. There will be no real opening without a vaccine. 
I’ve given thousands of baht already to people needing to feed their kids because of lost income. I have spent a six figure sum in the Kingdom over 11 years only to be labelled a “dirty farang” by the powers that be. My village in UK hasn’t had a single case of Covid 19 in this pandemic. Anutin’s tweets which were then deleted showed me what the authorities really think of us.
There is no doubt Covid 19 is a God send for the ultra Conservative Thais embarrassed by Western tabloids over the years with their seedy sex tourism stories. They don’t want western tourists back and some have actually blamed Westerners for being behind the protests. 
They do not represent the majority of Thai people in my opinion. Most of those I know (not bar girls) want tourists back if they can be guaranteed to be free of Covid 19. Testing on departure,  5 days quarantine and re test would get 99% of cases at the moment.
Some may argue I’m trying to judge Thailand by western standards but I am not. The majority want western type democracy and free and fair elections.
I don’t think it’s wrong to express opinions in support of this.
  Thank you for your feedback overall, we appreciate it!
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