Thai student activist group demands education reform, addressing alleged abuse and to scrap outdated school rules


A student activist group, who go by the name “Bad Students” visited five different schools in Bangkok yesterday, October 2, 2020, and ended their visit at the Education Ministry demanding education reform.

The group was demanding the end of harassment of students, specifically in terms of allowing them to express political views, education reform, to scrap outdated rules and to address alleged abuse in schools that have dominated news coverage.

You can read more about the abuse situation by clicking here.

The group braved heavy rain and sporadic flooding in Bangkok as they traveled on the top of a lorry decorated with murals depicting the Education Minister Nataphol Teepsuwan  being chased by students.

The students visited Samsen Wittayalai School starting at 1:00 PM, then moved to Triam Udom Suksa, Saint Joseph Convent, Debsirin and Wat Ratchabophit schools. They concluded their tour at the Education ministry where they threw out an estimated 10,000 “resignation forms” they drafted for the Education Minister. They stated that the Minister should sign the forms if he was unable to meet their demands. At each school the students also placed signs alleging abuses that took place at each location.

The group also submitted an official petition to the permanent secretary of Education, Supat Jampathong, demanding the Education Minister resign if he cannot meet their demands.

The protest was peaceful and featured hundreds of students in the downpour singing songs of protest and flashing the three fingered salute that has become a symbol of protesters across the country.

Supat told the press that the Ministry was ready and willing to work with the students, however, some of their demands were controversial and would have to be studied and discussed like adults between administrators and protesters. The specific controversial demands were not discussed in detail.

The Education Minister has previously attempted to speak directly with protesters, going out into a crowd of protesters in August and sitting in the back row on the ground directly with students. Some, however, refused to speak with him, according to his statements, which complicates the process of reaching a resolution that helps all involved. You can read our coverage of this event here:

Hundreds of students protest at Ministry of Education in Bangkok, Education Minister comes out to engage with crowd



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