More heavy rain likely in hard hit Northern Thailand

BANGKOK – The Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) has advised that the upper part of Thailand can expect heavy rain in some areas from today until the 4th of September.

A moderate southwest monsoon currently prevails over the Andaman Sea and parts of Thailand, while a monsoonal trough lies across the northern and northeastern regions causing the upper part of Thailand to receive more rain and bringing heavy showers to some areas.

Citizens in the north eastern area should be wary of flash floods says the TMD.

Meanwhile, a category 4 “Maysak” storm over the Pacific east of the Philipines is expected to move on to the Korean Peninsula and Japan and might rise to a category 5 storm or even a typhoon. However, it will not affect Thailand.

As for the flooding in the northern part of Thailand, the mass of water is already flowing from Sukhothai to Phitsanulok. The next province on its way is Phichit.

The Phichit governor has already advised districts that the Yom river passes through to closely monitor the water level; people in the area are told to move assets to a higher area.

Source: Thai National News Bureau, TMD

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