The Pattaya News is now testing translation of multiple languages-we need your feedback

A letter from The Pattaya News Editorial Team-

We here at the Pattaya News are always trying to improve and be the best local and regional source for news here in the Eastern Thailand region. As part of this, we have made multiple changes recently to our design and are working with our advertising providers after feedback to ensure the number of ads is balanced with content properly.  We are excited to introduce a new beta test we are working on with Weglot.

Pattaya is a multi-cultural city, with tourists from around the world. Although we provide our main news in English and Thai, with a separate Thai website at, we often get requests for other languages. We have a working relationship with The Pattaya Japanese Association and Pattaya Now and provide links to both of those websites through our site, however, have had many people ask for “true translation”. With a partnership with Weglot, which is currently in beta testing, we aim to provide this goal.

We are currently providing a total of seven languages, along with English, for beta testing. Those languages are based on visitors to Pattaya and website data, however, we are looking on expanding this in the future.  The current languages we are providing are Chinese, Korean, German, French, Russian, Japanese and Hindi. You can access the language icon changer in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

We invite those who are bi lingual to test this option and give us your feedback. We want to stress this is a BETA TEST and there will almost certainly be bugs, errors and issues as we roll this out to our entire web site. We plan in the future to advertise our news in all of these languages and markets so this testing period with our core English market is important. For feedback please mail us at or send us a private message on Facebook at  

Please do not give the feedback directly to this article or in comments, as it may be missed due to volume of comments daily.  We are especially interested in the following:

1. Quality of the translation

2.  Did the translation work on everything, or just certain parts of the website/article/ads etc?

3. Was the language in the translation used modern or archaic?

4. Differences between a complex article and a simple article. For instance, try the tool on a political or national news article and then a simple local traffic article and note the differences.

5. If you have access to foreign message boards or groups, please ask them for feedback as well and share. We need as much feedback as possible to make this work.

Thank you for supporting The Pattaya News and reading.

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