Region 2 police raid Banglamung pharmacies for selling illegal cough syrup reportedly used as an ingredient in cocktail style drugs


Four pharmacies in Banglamung have been raided by Region 2 police this week after being accused of selling illegal cough syrup to drug dealers who use the syrup for making cocktail mixtures of drugs to sell to youth in the Pattaya area.

The raids earlier this week was at four pharmacies and was led by Colonel Adulayaphat Taephonchayasit from the Region 2 Police.

Police seized in total 5,000 bottles of cough syrup from the inspected pharmacies

The raid came after police had arrested two Thai men with bundles of kratom leaves and cough syrup including one we reported on earlier today.

The suspects in the drug related arrests told police that they had bought cough syrup from four pharmacies in Soi Nern Plubwan, Soi Sawang Fah 5, Soi Phon Prapa Nimit 1 and Soi Siam Country Club.

The pharmacies raided are facing charges with not providing a licensed pharmacist for the pharmacy, not providing a proper prescription and illegally selling medication.

Cough syrup is being used among local teenagers to make a cocktail drug known locally as 4X100 (‘See koon roy’), according to Pattaya Police. This is a mixture of cough syrup, alcohol and other ingredients that police say is addictive and has been spreading in the Pattaya area.

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