Thai Government considering easing curfew and restrictions as Covid-19 cases drop Nationwide


Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha, speaking from Government House in Bangkok yesterday, said that the overall decline in cases and infections, especially as proactive testing was taking place in hot zones, was a positive sign and that the Thai Government would consider easing curfew and restrictions by the end of the month if the current downward trend continued.

The current Emergency Decree ends on April 26th, however, it is widely expected by the public to be extended. However, Prime Minister Prayut said that the Covid-19 Situation Administration Center would make that decision later this month based on the current trend of infections.

This comes as Chonburi, which is where Pattaya is at, has announced plans to re-open businesses and get people back to work May 1st as long as the situation continues to improve, a move that has the support of the majority of the public, with a recent poll conducted by Pattaya News on its social media channels showing 73% of our readers support re-opening and loosening restrictions, albeit cautiously and with restrictions. In Chonburi, lines of hundreds have been seen at multiple charity food kitchens throughout the city as the growing unemployment problem grows more visible. Additionally, the homeless population has been growing in Pattaya as well with Chonburi officials promising to assist with the ongoing issue.

You can read more about the homeless issue in Pattaya below:

Chonburi Officials inspect growing homeless community in Pattaya after previous news reports

Meanwhile, the Business and Medical sector in Thailand have also shown support for easing curfews and restrictions, with many business leaders stressing the need to begin to re-open many closed non essential shops, pointing at other countries with far more cases and infections already beginning to open closed businesses.

Other provinces, like Nonthaburi, Udon and even Phuket have stated that they would like to ease restrictions and start to open businesses on or around May 1st as well, given that the current situation continues to improve and cases decrease.

Prime Minister Prayut, however, says the decisions will come in the last week of the month and the Covid Response Team needs more time to ensure there will be no second wave and that the lowering of restrictions is done carefully and cautiously. He has stated to the press that he understands how many millions are out of work and sympathizes with the suffering of many who work day to day and are currently struggling with so many businesses force closed due to Covid-19. He has said he would like to get those people back to work as soon as possible, however, the easing of restrictions must be done with thought and care.

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