Saudi Arabian man involved in Pattaya brawl flees hospital as suspects meet with police and show evidence of debt owed to them

A high ranking Pattaya police spokesman has confirmed that no police were involved after a Saudi Arabian man was attacked by several Thai men in Pattaya yesterday who allegedly claimed to witnesses they were police.

The Saudi Arabian man has since fled the hospital he was at while recovering from his injuries and is allegedly in hiding with Pattaya Police searching for him.

The Saudi Arabian man had been attacked by two Thai men who claimed to a crowd of witnesses that they were high ranking police in Pattaya early yesterday morning.

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Deputy Police Spokesman Colonel Kritsana Pattanajaroen told The Pattaya News, “On Sunday, March 1st, Mr. Teerasak Kawinram, 40, has filed a report to the Pattaya City Police that in July of last year Mr. Alshiha rented a motorbike from him.”

“In September he did not return the motorbike per their agreement.”

“On Monday, March 2, Mr. Teerasak and Mr. Alshiha agreed to go to the Pattaya City Police Station in which Mr. Alshiha agreed to pay for the motorbike that he did not return.”

“Mr. Alshiha, however, went into hiding and was found by Mr. Teerasak and a friend in front of a restaurant on Soi Yensabai. They demanded the money for the motorbike and Mr. Alshiha refused and the situation escalated.” Col. Kritsana continued.

“At this point a physical altercation broke out. Mr. Teerasak and his friends said he did not say anything regarding claims that they are police. They turned themselves in at the Pattaya Police station and have been fully cooperative.” Col. Kritsana finished.

“Mr. Alshiha, meanwhile, has fled from the Bang Lamung Hospital and police are searching for him to interview him about the case and various debts allegedly owed.”

“Pattaya Police will continue their investigation for further legal action.” Col. Kritsana added.

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