Thai Police catch Pakistani short change artist responsible for scams across many provinces in Thailand


Police in Phetchabun have reported the capture of Mr. Muhammad Amin, 32, of Pakistan in Phetchabun this afternoon who is accused of a short change scheme in multiple shops provinces across Thailand.

Mr. Amin, who was also on overstay, had been using a scam in which he purchased a very small item with a thousand baht note and then confused the shopkeeper or cashier to give him more change then he deserved by sleight of hand and distraction techniques. In some cases police say he managed to immediately return the item, confusing the shopkeepers to give him not only his money back but the entire amount the item was worth.

Mr. Muhammad Amin 32, with arresting officers on January 19, 2020.

Immigration officials told Naew Na and the Thai media that Mr. Amin had hit at least six provinces and expected to have hit several more, including the Chonburi area.

The Pattaya News reported on this previously, you can read more here:

Immigration Police stated to Naew Na that the suspect admitted to the crime and will be sentenced, deported and blacklisted from Thailand.

Pictures: Naew Na, translated and written for English by The Pattaya News.

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