Why Advertise in the TPN E-Paper?

The Pattaya News = ‘TPN’ & Electronic Digital Paper = E-Paper

The Pattaya News E-Paper is new, it’s fresh and it has some great new features in it. As its electronic adverts can now allow customers to be directed to more, to your Social Media, to your Website, to a discount voucher, or to a video you or we have made for you !! The TPN E-Paper is now more than just words and pictures in a paper it is very interactive now and can be changed in the TPN E-Paper each week to suit your needs.

Yes, it’s very interactive, it’s an electronic screen in a paper and it can be updated each week to suit your needs.

The Pattaya News Website:

The main link for the E-Paper will be on the header of our The Pattaya News Website. There is a huge amount of traffic going to our Website and they will see the link and most will want to read the news and interesting stories in it each week.

Number One Google Keyword Ranking for Pattaya News, News Pattaya, Pattaya Business News, Pattaya Event News, and many more.

The Pattaya News English Website: 5.5 million views in total in 2023, 3 million unique visitors. Average 16-25K views a day, sevenk to tenk average unique visitors a day, almost 600,000 viewers a month. By far Pattaya’s number #1 English digital news website. Main visitors are from the local Bangkok and Pattaya area meaning real local Pattaya residents and a mix of tourists.

The Pattaya News Daily Newsletter:

The next link for the E-Paper will be on the header of our The Pattaya News Daily Newsletter. TPN sends to 22,000 readers every morning and the link will be available to many more as this number grows. Readers looking for your services will find you.

Social Media
TPN social media will also highlight the E-Paper and where to find it. TPN has a very large audience both foreigners and Thai nationals with Facebook / Instagram / TikTok / X-Twitter / Youtube in Thai and English with extended Reach on Line, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Post.news, Tumblr, Telegram, Threads, Flipboard, Google News.

Facebook has 760,000+ and TikTok has over ONE MILLION COMBINED Followers!

Pattaya Business Directory:

On the TPN website, we will have a link to the ‘Pattaya Business Directory’ where we will show your business details for customers to find in an easy-to-follow business directory/category list. Your advert in the E-Paper can be supported by the Pattaya Business Directory listing.

TPN Video Capabilities:

TPN can come and make a professional video of your business to put into the E-Paper and on our other media locations, such as FaceBook, TikTok, Instagram, etc. We can provide a full marketing service to make your business stand out and grow.

Advertise with TPN and we will put your brand in front of thousands of readers daily.

The Pattaya News – ‘TPN’

“We are passionate about using our incredibly large reach to help grow your business!”