Ajanta Packaging gives food to the needy at Pattaya City Hall

Ajanta Packaging (Thailand) Ltd. gave five hundred sets of food to the needy in Pattaya yesterday afternoon.

The donation event was led by the president of Ajanta Packaging (Thailand) Ltd. Mr. Jandan Sukee Kanna. The intention of the event was to support and assist the many people affected by the Covid-19 Coronavirus crisis. Although Thailand has lifted lockdowns on all business sectors many people remain out of work and affected by bans on international tourists. Pattaya City has been especially hard hit by the Covid19 crisis due to the city having a heavy reliance, estimated at near eighty percent, on tourism. A significant portion of business in the city remain closed by owner choice until tourists can return. Others may never open again.

Ajanta Packaging gave a total of five hundred sets of dried food which consisted of five kilograms of rice along with other dry food products.

The staff of Ajanta Packaging also ensured that social distancing was followed and had several Pattaya City law enforcement officers assisting with the line as well.

During lockdown measures to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus in Thailand many local organizations, individuals and business owners held charity events with lines into the thousands of those who needed support. The vast majority have concluded their events, however, the situation remains dire for many in the Chonburi and Pattaya area.

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