Hollywood Disco is now Hollywood Restaurant


The management and owners of the Hollywood Club in North Pattaya have announced a temporary change in their business model during the current Covid19 pandemic situation.

Mr. Damrongkiat Pinitakan, an executive of Hollywood, announced the change to The Pattaya News earlier this week.

He stated that although entertainment venues had been allowed to re-open restrictions such as a midnight closure and international flights and tourists not allowed to enter Thailand seriously affected their business. Their disco previously depended primarily on foreign Asian customers but due to the Covid19 situation the majority of them were unable to return.

Therefore, Hollywood had decided to rebrand as a restaurant temporarily until the situation with borders and tourist arrivals could be resolved.

They have opened a section of their disco as a seafood, Thai and Chinese restaurant whose primary target market is Thai customers. The disco portion of the business will re-open when tourists can return to Thailand, according to Damrongkiat.

Damrongkiat said that Hollywood has the funds and investors to wait out the current situation without opening at all, however, wanted to provide their staff and employees with income. That reason prompted them to decide to open as a restaurant for the time being.

The following are a few pictures of what you can expect at the new Hollywood restaurant.

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