Another distracted driver crashes with daughter after trying to pick up shoe


  In the third accident last evening, in the early morning hours of August 28th, a motorbike with a man and his young daughter crashed in Soi Sukhimvit 53 causing light injuries.

  The man, Mr. Chakkitti Sawai, 20 years old, sustained injuries to his right foot and leg and was taken to the hospital. His daughter, name withheld, was uninjured but was in shock and taken with her father to the hospital. 

  Mr. Chakkitti stated that he was returning home with his daughter on his Honda Wave when his daughters sandal fell off. He veered around to pick up the shoe but lost control and crashed. It appeared from his statements that he attempted to pick up the shoe, which was a 40 baht sandal, while still trying to drive vs. stop, park and pick up the item.

  It is unknown if he will face any charges. Police will investigate CC television at the scene as well. The motorbike was only slightly damaged in the incident.

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