Thai Authorities Intercept Illegal Vietnamese Fishing in the Gulf of Thailand


On May 6th, 2024, the Thai Central Investigative Bureau (CIB) held a press conference on a group of Vietnamese fishermen allegedly fishing in the upper Gulf of Thailand illegally.

It was reported that unidentified Thai fishermen reported to the Thai Marine Police that a group of boats manned by people of an unknown nationality had trespassed in their legal fishing area in the upper Thai Gulf of Thailand.

Upon further investigation, the Thai Marine Police and relevant agencies were dispatched to patrol the reported area from April 30th to May 5th. However, the foreign boats were initially able to avoid police detection and arrest, especially at the boundary area of the lower and upper Gulf of Thailand.

According to police reports, five Vietnamese boats were detected and allegedly trespassed in the Gulf of Thailand 50 nautical miles from the coast. The police asked the foreign boats for inspection and to see any legal fishing licenses, however, the group reportedly attempted to flee police pursuit.

As a result, the Thai Marine police later seized five fishing boats and captured 23 Vietnamese suspects who were illegally fishing during Thailand’s bay closure season.

Moreover, mixed species of fish, approximately 600 kilograms, were seized from them in the upper Gulf of Thailand, near Prachuap Khiri Khan, as the fish were obtained illegally.

Initially, the 23 Vietnamese suspects were arrested and five fishing boats were seized at the Bang Saphan police station for further legal proceedings.

The names of the suspects were not released to the media.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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