In Memory of Sutham Phanthusak: A Statue at Tiffanys Theater in Pattaya

“In Memory of Sutham Phanthusak: A Statue at Tiffany’s Theater”

The recent unveiling of a statue at Tiffany’s Theater in Pattaya holds deep significance. This ceremony, attended by Mrs. Orrawon Phanthusak (widow of Sutham Phanthusak) and their daughters, Dr. Darin Phanthusak (Vice President) and Mrs. Alisa Phanthusak Kunpalin (Managing Director), pays tribute to a man who left an indelible mark on Pattaya and Thailand’s tourism.

Sutham Phanthusak, the visionary founder of Tiffany’s Show Pattaya, arrived in Pattaya Beach City in 1970 with his wife and three daughters: Darin, Alisa, and Varassaya. Back then, Pattaya was a humble fishing village, far from its current status as a bustling international tourist hub. Sutham foresaw Pattaya’s potential and purchased land to establish the First Sports Tourist Center. He collaborated with co-founder Mr. Vichai (Ung-Tee), owner of the four-performers, to create a grand stage for Tiffany’s Show in 1980. The architectural inspiration for the Tiffany’s Building originally came from the White House of the United States.

Tourists marveled at the performers’ beauty, unaware that these enchanting women were originally men. With lip-sync performances rivaling superstars like Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Nuntida Kaewbuasai, Madonna, and Teresa Teng, Tiffany’s Show became a sensation. The statue now gracing Tiffany’s Theater ensures that Sutham Phanthusak’s legacy lives on, forever etched in the heart of Pattaya’s vibrant history.

Remembering Mr. Sutham Phanthusak: A Visionary and Scout Leader

Mr. Sutham Phanthusak, the esteemed Founder of Tiffany’s Show Pattaya, epitomized the journey from rags to riches. His remarkable success spanned various ventures, including Tiffany’s Show Pattaya and the Woodlands Resort Group. Beyond business, he harbored a deep love for Scouting activities, dedicating over 50 years of his life to the cause. As the Head Chief Scout of Thailand and a key figure in the World Scout Foundation under the patronage of Honorary Chairman King Gustav of Sweden, Mr. Sutham left an indelible mark.

Despite humble beginnings, he embraced Scouting from the tender age of seven. The discipline instilled by Scouting principles played a pivotal role in shaping his path to success. His unwavering commitment and contributions to global Scouting activities earned him the prestigious “Bronze Wolf” award—an honor bestowed upon only nine individuals in Thailand. In 1997, Mr. Sutham proudly accepted this accolade.

In 2012, he received another significant nomination: that of a Senator of Thailand. His tenure in the legislative house of the Thai Government continued until his passing on May 18th, 2016. Mr. Sutham’s fervent wish was for Thai children to embrace Scouting, cultivate discipline, and pursue their dreams with unwavering focus—a legacy that continues to inspire generations.

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