Medical Bytes Thailand Number 107 Guilty or not guilty?

Medical Bytes Thailand No 107: ‘Guilty or not guilty?’.

The following is a guest opinion article from Doc Martyn. His opinions and advice are entirely his own and may not necessarily be those of The Pattaya News Company Limited. His contact information can be found at the end of the article.

  1. 30 intersections with red light cameras have been operating in Bangkok since 2009,but the technology was limited. The system was upgraded in 2019. Now, each upgraded red light location has 2 or 3 cameras with 4K resolution and infrared technology. In addition, each site has 2 red light camera warning signs, one placed at 100m and one placed at 50m before the intersection.  The transgression fine is THB1000, with demerit points.
  2. The program is a joint enterprise between the Royal Thai Police and the Department of Transport, Thailand. During the 14-day trial period in  2019, 22,260 drivers ran a red light, which equates to 1,590 drivers/day.
  3. I worked in Australia for 34 years, where the penalties for running a red light and/or amber gambling were excessive. Consequently, I do not run red lights and I am not an amber gambler. In January 2024, I was surprised to receive a red light Camera offense notice, see photos 1 and 2. Ostensibly, the offense occurred on December 12th, 2023 at the Nang Rong, Buriram, intersection, where Highway 218 meets Highway 24. I have no recollection of running this light. Nevertheless, on 28th February 2024, I visited the Buriram Department of Transport to pay the fine. The department would not accept the THB500 payment required to settle the penalty. The officers referred me to the police. At this point I became suspicious.
  4. Research regarding red light cameras suggested that there were no red light cameras in the Buriram province. Nor was there any evidence of a joint enterprise between the Royal Thai Police and the Department of Transport, Thailand to install the same in the province. I drove through this intersection on 6th March 2024. There were no red light camera warning signs, nor could I see the 2 or 3 cameras with 4K resolution and infrared technology required by the program.
  5. I believe that this was a scam and I have not paid the fine. If you review the pictures taken, it is apparent that the rearview camera was not mounted on a light pole, a mounting system typically used for monitoring cameras at traffic lights. Further, the camera appears to be elevated above the standard height of a light pole, suggesting that it may be mounted on a drone.
  6. In February 2023, I received a violation notice from the M-Flow payment system in Bangkok, see photo 3, which alleged that I had driven through the M-Flow system without the requisite payment tag and that I failed to pay the toll. The THB300 fine notice was sent to my address in Buriram. The problem: I did not drive through the M-Flow system on 31/1/2023, indeed, I have never driven through the M-Flow system. Further, and similarly, the fine was raised by ‘the police’ and not by a Royal Thai Police and the Department of Transport, Thailand collaboration. I did not pay the fine. Subsequently, it was declared that these imposed fines were a scam and the public was advised not to pay the requisite fine.
  7. With our increasing reliance on rapidly advancing IT and AI technology, scams such as these are simple to develop. But the truth is in the details. For example, the electronic camera technology required to monitor the M-Flow is both sophisticated and highly specific. Yet, the M-Flow picture of my number plate is grainy and of poor quality. It looks like a cut-and-paste photo, review photo 3. Likewise, the rear photograph contained within the red light offense is poorly focused, and it is simple to alter the color of light from green to red. It would appear that these claims were fraudulent, relying on manufactured data.
  8. Schwab’s tyrannical collectivism contained within ‘The Great Reset 2030’ document relies upon BlockChain to secure data. Currently, such security is not available to the red light infringement and the M-Flow systems in Thailand. Scams are easily manufactured. ‘Guilty or not guilty’, you decide.

Addendum: Over the past 6 years, as a retired medic living in Buriram I offered second opinions on any medical issue. I recently moved to Pattaya. As in this case, if you reside outside of Pattaya, telephone consultations are provided. For assistance; please contact me, Doc Martyn, on Facebook or call Dao on 095 414 8145.

Adam Judd
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