Yacht Goes Up in Flames in Na Jomtien, Causing Major Concern But No Injuries

Na Jomtien-

Causing concern from many bystanders on Jomtien Beach, a yacht caught fire in the midst of Na Jomtien Bay, leading to a swift response from local authorities. The incident occurred on April 26th, 2024, at approximately 3:06 p.m., when the Coco Yacht, a passenger vessel recently under repair, was taken for a system test by the captain and a technician.

A video of the fire taken by our team can be seen here on our YouTube channel.

As the yacht reached the open sea, flames erupted from the engine’s exhaust pipe, quickly engulfing the vessel. Despite efforts to control the blaze, the fire raged on, necessitating a distress call to the Sattahip Water Police and the Pattaya Regional Harbor Office. Rescue teams from the Khet Udomsak Subdistrict Municipality and the Sawangrojanatham Sathan Foundation were dispatched under the guidance of the Marine Department.

Upon arrival, rescuers found the yacht ablaze, with thick smoke billowing into the sky and three crew members stranded aboard. Using a rescue boat, officials battled the inferno for over thirty minutes. While the fire proved stubborn, all crew members were safely evacuated without injury.

The Coco Yacht is a specialized marine steamboat constructed of fiberglass, measuring 13.25 meters in length, 4.10 meters in width, and 2.29 meters in depth. The names of the captain and crewmembers were withheld by Pattaya Marine authorities pending a further investigation.

Following the incident, the Pattaya Regional Harbor Office temporarily banned the use of boats in the area for a short period of time and summoned the unidentified owner of the Coco Yacht for further investigation into the cause of the fire.

The blaze could be seen from many kilometers away, causing major concern from Pattaya area residents, many who contacted the local news media and rescue hotlines asking for further details of what had taken place. Smoke filled the skies around Jomtien, leading to an acrid and unpleasant smell for those enjoying the beaches at the time of the fire.

This news was originally reported in Thai by Thiwakorn Kritmanee, a regional correspondent based in Pattaya, Chonburi Province. It was then translated and written in English by Adam Judd for The Pattaya News.

Photos Pattaya News Team.

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