Locals Protest Thai Prime Minister Over Macaque Menace: Claim That Calls for Action on Lopburi’s Monkey Mayhem Go Unanswered


On April 22nd, 2024, Lopburi local media reported that Prang Khaek locals in Mueang, Lopburi, held a press conference and put up protest signs regarding Thai Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin and the Thai Department of National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation, regarding measures to tackle the macaque problem.

Mr. Kanchantang Kitrattanakarn, the 68-year-old protest leader, and five others held a press conference and filed a letter to the chairmen of the Land Commission, Natural Resources and Environment, and the House of Representatives and put up signs to protest the Thai Prime Minister after the relevant agencies signed an MOU to tackle the macaque problem in Lopburi two months ago but has allegedly not made much progress.

According to the protesters, there was nothing progressing and the locals were blamed for bullying the macaques after they defended themselves from being attacked by the macaques, according to Kanchantang.

Kanchantang publicly revealed that the Department of National Parks previously promised the Lopburi locals to capture 2000 of the estimated 5000 macaques and send them to a designated zoo designed especially for the macaques. However, the plan was postponed infinitely.

Kanchantang also sent a personal letter to the Thai Prime Minister and held meetings with relevant agencies many times regarding the annoyance and inconvenience caused by the macaques. The macaque problem had escalated lately as locals were reportedly attacked multiple times in the past few months.

On the same day, Thai national media inspected Lopburi to follow up on the macaque problem. It was reported, ironically, that the protest signs were even ripped off and torn up by the macaques.

Previously, on April 11th, Thai national media reported a group of macaques reportedly stole food offerings to monks and neophytes. After that day, the neophytes reportedly refused to walk past this route again. Temple guardians reportedly used airsoft guns to fend off the macaques. However, the trick could be used for only a few days as the macaques were not afraid anymore.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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