Chemical Waste Storage Factory Fire in Rayong Sparks Urgent Response: Authorities Work to Control Blaze and Aid Affected Locals


At 10:00 PM, on April 22nd, 2024, Rayong local media reported a fire incident case at a chemical waste storage factory at 9 AM in Ban Khai, Rayong.

In response to the fire incident, Mr. Kanchai Thepworachai, the Deputy Governor of Rayong Province, held an urgent meeting with firefighter teams and relevant agencies to keep the situation under control as soon as possible.

Initially, the firefighter teams were able to control the flames almost 100% after a 24-hour operation at the massive chemical waste storage factory’s zone. However, the teams spent all night spraying water and fire extinguishing chemicals to prevent the fire from spreading, said Kanchai.

It was reported that the forensic and relevant officers would gather evidence at the factory to determine the exact cause of the fire incident, according to Kanchai.

The owner of the chemical waste storage factory in Rayong also had another warehouse in Ayutthaya which was recently set ablaze by unidentified arsonists, according to Thai national media. The police and relevant agencies were investigating the case to determine whether the fires were started intentionally by the same group or not.

Kanchai issued an order to relevant agencies to aid locals in areas affected by the chemical smoke that covered Nong Bua and Bangbut sub-districts in Rayong.

As of press time, there were 67 affected individuals who sought medical treatment at the shelter of Nong Bua and Bangbut Subdistrict Administrative Organizations.

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