Police Truck Flips Over in Loei: Mentally Ill Detainee Grabbed Steering Wheel, One Person Dead, Three Injured


On April 21st, 2024, Pha Khao police officers received a report from locals that a patrol police truck flipped over on Nong Tana-Non Somboon Road, Pha Khao, Loei, causing three injuries and one casualty.

Pha Khao emergency services and police officers were dispatched to the accident scene and found a Pha Khao patrol police truck flipped over at the roadside and collided with many trees. It was reported that three police officers were able to crawl from the flipped-over police truck and one officer was still stuck inside.

The rescue teams attempted to rescue the remaining officer from the truck, however, the officer was later pronounced deceased at the scene.
According to the police report, Pha Khao police officers previously received a report from locals that a mentally ill man was acting abnormally. Four patrol police officers then went to pick up the mentally ill individual at the hospital to receive medical treatment at a special psychiatric facility.

On the way to the psychiatric hospital, it was reported that the mentally ill person suddenly grabbed and turned the police truck’s steering wheel, causing the truck to lose control and flipping over at the roadside, according to the police.

Initially, the police sent the mentally ill person to the Pha Khao Hospital to be tested for illicit substances but it was negative. There was no further report on whether the mentally ill person would be prosecuted as a result of the incident. The unidentified mentally ill person was not injured in the accident.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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