Pattaya Teenager Flashes Two Guns During Songkran, Later Arrested

Pattaya —

A teenager was caught on camera brandishing two firearms at his rivals during a Songkran celebration in Pattaya on the evening of April 15th, 2024. The incident occurred just a few hundred meters from the Pattaya Police Station.

Video footage of the incident can be seen on our YouTube channel here.

At around 10:06 PM, Pattaya police received a report from a concerned citizen who had captured video footage of the altercation. The video showed a group of teenagers engaged in a verbal dispute before one man, clad in a white shirt and long pants and having a black backpack, pulled out two unidentified firearms and pointed them at the other parties involved.

The terrifying incident occurred on Soi Pattaya 7, shockingly less than 500 meters from the Pattaya Police Station. The gun flashing caused widespread panic among the numerous tourists enjoying the Songkran festival at the time. Pattaya police immediately inspected the soi, but no one was willing to provide concrete information to the authorities presumably out of fear of retaliation from the suspect.

The police collected CCTV footage from nearby cameras which helped to identify the suspect.

At approximately 6:30 p.m on April 16th, 2024, under the command of Pol. Col. Navin Teerawit, chief of Pattaya City Police Station, and his deputy, Police Lieutenant Colonel Thananon Atipansi, authorities detained a 17-year-old male in possession of two BB guns, believed to be used in the crime.

The confrontation unfolded in Soi 7, Central Pattaya Beach, where two rival youth groups clashed, leading to one group brandishing two BB guns to threaten their adversaries. The incident escalated when a member of the opposing group reportedly slapped a younger individual, prompting a heated exchange and the eventual display of weapons.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Thananon Atipansi disclosed that the detained youth confessed to the act, stating that the display of firearms was intended to intimidate the rival faction. The altercation ceased without further violence, but not before instilling fear of potential injury among the bystanders.

Investigations have uncovered a history of animosity between the two groups, with previous incidents of violence reported, including a shooting near Mae Sri Ruen Restaurant and altercations at Bali Hai Peninsula. The underlying cause of the conflict is believed to be rooted in jealousy and prior disputes.

The swift action by Pattaya police has brought a measure of relief to the community, as the city’s renowned Songkran festivities continue. Authorities remain vigilant to ensure the safety and security of both residents and visitors during this time of celebration.

The name of the youth was withheld due to being a minor.


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