Viral Video Shows Foreigners in Dispute After Songkran Water Fight in Phuket


At 4:20 PM, on April 13th, 2024, Thai social media posted a viral video of two foreigners having a dispute after one became upset after being sprayed with a water gun on Thaweewong Road, Patong Beach, Phuket.

Phuket’s Songkran event was held on Thaweewong Road, Patong Beach, having many Thai and foreign tourists participating in the water fight.

However, Mr. Nopparat Yiwa, a Civil Defense Volunteer, reportedly told Phuket local media that he witnessed a shirtless foreigner who rode a motorbike taxi to Patong Beach. After that, a black shirt foreigner allegedly water-gunned the motorbike taxi rider, but the shirtless foreigner was not hit.

The situation escalated as the shirtless foreigner was infuriated and threw punches at the black shirt foreigner. Nopparat further added that his friend attempted to stop the dispute but was unable to do so.

Shortly after the dispute, Patong police officers noticed the incident and successfully suppressed the dispute. The two men both then went separate ways, according to Nopparat.
It was reported that the reason for the dispute was just the shirtless foreigner was infuriated as he was sprayed slightly with a water gun by the black shirted foreigner.

Police stated the incident was considered closed and neither man had filed legal charges or police reports.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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