Thai Government Prepares as Iran-Israel Tensions Escalate

PRESS RELEASE from National News Bureau of Thailand-

Iran launched a military assault on Israel early Sunday (Apr 14), firing over 200 drones, ballistic missiles, and cruise missiles, triggering widespread alarm and pushing the Middle East closer to a potential all-out war. This is the first direct military attack by Iran on Israel, escalating long-standing tensions between the two nations.

The assault was in retaliation for an April 1st airstrike in Syria, which resulted in the deaths of two Iranian generals in a building near the Iranian embassy. The Iranian government holds Israel responsible for the strike. In response to the immediate threat, the Israeli air defense systems, with assistance from the US and some allied forces, managed to intercept the majority of the attacks outside Israeli borders.

Global reactions were swift and critical, with international leaders from the United Nations, France, Britain, and Germany denouncing the violence and urging both sides to avoid further military escalation. Meanwhile, Israel’s military response included strategic airstrikes in southern Lebanon following rocket attacks from Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed Lebanese militant group.

This dramatic escalation has heightened fears across the region, with residents in Tehran and other cities preparing for possible repercussions. The international community remains on high alert as the situation continues to unravel, with hopes for a resolution that prevents further loss of life and stability in the region.

The government has confirmed that it is closely monitoring the escalating tensions between Iran and Israel, with contingency plans to ensure the safety of Thai nationals in Israel.

Approximately 8,000 Thai workers were previously evacuated from Israel following an attack by Hamas on October 7, though many have since returned.

The situation remains volatile, notably after recent threats from Iran and a retaliatory stance from Israel. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) said it is prepared to implement emergency security measures to protect Thai citizens if the situation deteriorates further. Thai nationals in Israel are advised to remain vigilant, avoid conflict zones, and stay in contact with the embassy for assistance.

In the broader international context, the U.S. is also taking precautions, with US President Joe Biden stressing America’s commitment to defend Israel against potential Iranian attacks. The U.S. has deployed warships to the region, anticipating an imminent threat, as global concerns about a direct confrontation grow.

This development follows a suspected Israeli airstrike near an Iranian embassy compound in Damascus, which Iran vowed to retaliate against, describing it as an attack on its sovereignty.

The preceding is a press release from the National News Bureau of Thailand.

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