Pattaya Cricket Club and The Drifters Stumble at the Cup Semi-final in the Chiang Mai International Sixes (Part 2)

Chiang Mai-

The Drifters finished 4th in the Players Round 1 with 13 points having won 2 matches and lost 1. They were then entered into the Cup Group A for Round 2 along with St Francis de Sales and Thai Thevada. Each team in Cup Group A and B would play 2 matches during days 4, 5 & 6. The Semi-finals and Finals for all trophies will be held on day 7.

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Now that Round 2 was underway, those with aspirations of silverware needed to focus and maintain high standards in all aspects of the game as failing to do so could lead to inevitable disappointment. The Drifters match on Day 4 was against St Francis de Sales (SFdS) who batted first. The Drifters bowling, although much improved in terms of reducing extras, was not demanding enough of the batsmen and the over rate reached 22.2 as SFdS amassed 111/0. Lucas McKinnon, Aaron Maynard and Blake McKinnon all retired not out after 8 ish balls faced.

Normally, the fielding from the Drifters players has been exemplary, but today, Luke Stokes dropped Lucas McKinnon twice. Max Burzler’s bowling had a modicum of respectability with 14 of the over whilst others were severely punished. Chasing 111 would be a record-breaking result and although a normally winning score was achieved, it was not enough. Luke managed to retire on 32 and Habby was not out on a quickfire 22, but the SFdS bowlers were unwilling to give boundaries. Jared Kennan went for 12 and Matty Lewis for just 8 as the Drifters scored 74 for 0 and lost by 37 runs. Better luck against Thai Thevada.

Day 5 was another day off for the drifters, so we met them in their 2nd match of Round 2 against Thai Thevada on Day 6. Another loss would terminate any further involvement in the tournament, whilst a win would get them to the Semi-finals of the Cup.
Thai Thevada were first to bat with Cher and Johnny against the bowling of Luke who was finding considerable spin from the occasional ball but couldn’t control the length. 14 off the first over. Tim Peters found Cher’s batting to be too good for him and Cher added another 18.

John Pike met the same fate as Cher got to 35 and retired with a 6, but John had his replacement well caught by Luke in the deep and the over ended at 50/1 from 3 overs. Max did a great job in curbing the run rate with just 6 runs and it may have won the match. Habby bowled the last over and ran out Leng off his first ball but Johnny, who had hardly faced a ball, took 14 off the remaining 5 balls and advanced Thai Thevada to 71 for 2. A defendable score. Luke and Habby opened the batting whilst Frame opened the bowling.

A really slow opening ball induced Luke into an error which Frame dropped – an expensive mistake. Habby took most of the runs with 16 off the first over. Johnny bowled the next over and Luke was dropped again, this time by the Keeper. Good fielding from Thai Thevada limited the score to 11 for the over and 27/0 after 2 overs. Feem bowled the 3rd over with Luke managing a 6 and a 4. 42/0 off 3 but the run rate was not quite enough.

Leng’s stuttery and wobbly run up lead to a run recovery as Luke and Habby took boundaries and Habby being dropped in the process and Luke retired with 33. 63/0 after 4 and a real chance of a win. Cher took the last over. Habby caught on his first ball for 24. Noah and Max at the crease to get 9 runs from 5 balls. An intelligent single from Max and two boundary 4s from Noah secured a win with 2 balls to spare. Thai Thevada will rue 3 dropped catches. The win secured a Semi-final against NCF Thunder.

This was going to be another tough match. Luke and Habby opened against pace from Faysal Ahmed which was either speared into the batsmen’s ribs or outside off, but Habby was not using his feet. Habby swung at a wide ball and got an edge through to the keeper, Akash, for 8. 9 off the over. Inzaman bowled a good line and length and good fielding restricted the Drifters to 7. 16 for 1 off 2 overs. Aukatul continued the pace theme and made Noah and Luke work for their runs with another 12 added. Anowar did the same with similar results and the Drifters were well behind the curve at 37 for 1 after 4 overs.

Abaidullah bowled the final over where Luke was dropped by Anowar on the long boundary off his first ball. Noah repeated the same shot but was caught by Anowar for 5. Max joined the fray but Luke didn’t want any company as he danced down the wicket to Abaid, missed and got stumped for 23. 41 for 3 and a very disappointing innings. NFC Thunders were going to make short work of this.

Max bowled to Abaid who kept walking across his stumps and the umpire gave him wides, but Max’s line was not ideal. 19 off the first over. Habby was next and was hit for 6, followed by his usual front foot No Ball which was also hit for 6, ie a 9. In revenge he caught and bowled Abaid for 21, but Akash arrived and hit 2 boundary 4s and the fat lady started to sing. 42 for 1 in 1.5 overs.

NFC Thunders would go on to the Cup Final against St Francis de Sales in the afternoon, but The Drifters tournament was at an end. A creditable effort, but no silverware this time.

The final was a thriller between NFC Thunder and St Francis de Sales which NFC won by 6 runs. The other finals were won as follows: The Spoon by Armadillos; The Plate by Red Lion Wombats; The Bowl by GP Silly Sloggers; The Shield by Margate CC and the Ladies Cup by Lamphun Redcaps.

The Player of the Tournament was awarded to Abaidullah.

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