Myanmar Opposition Seizes Myanmar’s Largest Military Base in Myawaddy Near Tak


On April 7th, 2024, Burmese national media reported that the Karen National Union (KNU) and the People’s Defence Force (PDF) seized Myanmar’s largest military base in Myawaddy, Myanmar. The armed conflict took place near Mae Sot, Tak, during the past week.

According to Burmese national media, there were seven Myanmar military bases and a tactical headquarters seized and many people were killed and injured in the war between the Myanmar opposition including KNU and PDF, and the Myanmar Junta.

Meanwhile, Myanmar soldiers from Battalion Camp 275 in Myawaddy surrendered and Myanmar’s largest military base was currently under occupation by the Myanmar opposition. Burmese national media reported that the national flag would be turned into the KNU flag.

According to Burmese national media, the Myanmar military units could not combat against the opposition. The only remaining military base was Battalion Camp 375 in Myawaddy. However, Thailand would be potentially affected as the Battalion camp was located near the Thai border. Many Myanmar nationals would likely seek refuge in Thailand as a result.

From the serious situation in Myanmar, many Myanmar junta officials under the jurisdiction of the Myanmar Military Administration Council including Myawaddy Customs and Immigration officials withdrew from Myawaddy and evacuated to Kawkareik, Myanmar, according to Thai national media.

Recently, the Myanmar junta coordinated with the Thai government to request a landing from ATR72-600, a Myanmar military aircraft, at Tak Airport for Myanmar junta officials. As of press time, the refugees were on standby at Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge.

The Thai government publicly revealed that a flight from Myanmar landed at Mae Sot airport per a prior request. However, it was reported that the flight departed abroad on the same day.

The rest of the requested flights for April 8th and 9th were withdrawn, the Thai government did not reveal the reasons.

However, the Thai government would monitor the unsettled situation closely at the Thai-Myanmar border in case of emergency for the safety of the Thai people and to maintain peace and order. A meeting would be held at the Thai Government House on April 9th to evaluate the situation and propose guidelines accordingly.

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