Police Raid Dice Gambling Den Near Pattaya: 15 People Arrested

Banglamung- In a pre-dawn operation, Nongprue law enforcement officials descended upon an illicit dice gambling establishment nestled within the heart of a forest in Chonburi Province near Pattaya. The targeted raid resulted in the apprehension of 15 suspects, who were allegedly engaged in unlawful gambling activities.

At precisely 1:06 a.m. this morning, a joint task force led by Mr. Weekit Manarojkit, the Banglamung District Chief, and Pol. Col. Thawee Kutthaeng, Superintendent of Nong Prue Police Station, executed the operation.

Accompanied by administrative personnel from the Banglamung District Nong Prue Police Investigation Team, they swiftly infiltrated the casino located at a cassava farm within Soi Thung Klong in the Nong Prue Subdistrict.

The investigation was prompted by anonymous complaints from concerned villagers in the Nong Prue area. Collaborating seamlessly, the officers meticulously planned their approach. As they closed in on the gambling den, the suspects, caught off guard, attempted to flee. Some gamblers leaped from elevated positions, while others collided with tree branches in their desperate escape. Despite their efforts, all 15 individuals, comprising 8 men and 7 women, were apprehended.

Inside the dimly lit den, the gamblers had been engrossed in a game of Sic Bo, their cheers echoing through the forest. The police confiscated 2,820 baht in cash, along with scoreboards, playing equipment, plates, covers, and dice used for the illegal games. A CCTV recording camera also served as crucial evidence.

The suspects face charges related to illegal gambling without permission and gambling of property. The seized items, including the playing equipment and cash, have been submitted to investigators for further legal proceedings.

Adam Judd
Mr. Adam Judd is the Co-owner of TPN Media since December 2017. He is originally from Washington D.C., America, but has also lived in Dallas, Sarasota, and Portsmouth. His background is in retail sales, HR, and operations management, and has written about news and Thailand for many years. He has lived in Pattaya for over nine years as a full-time resident, is well known locally and been visiting the country as a regular visitor for over a decade. His full contact information, including office contact information, can be found on our Contact Us page below. Stories please e-mail Editor@ThePattayanews.com About Us: https://thepattayanews.com/about-us/ Contact Us: https://thepattayanews.com/contact-us/