Chinese Man Threatens to Jump from Lumpini Police Station in Bangkok, Rescued After Two-Hour Negotiation


At 5:00 PM, on March 29th, 2024, Lumpini police officers received a report of a Chinese person threatening to jump from the rooftop of the Lumipini police station, Phathumwan, Bangkok.

Lumpini police, rescue services, and relevant agencies rushed to the police station and deployed a cable car to the incident scene on the fifth floor. According to the police report, the Chinese person, publicly identified only as Mr. Fuyu, 59, was naked and threatened to jump from the building while shouting in the Chinese language.

The police officers had a Chinese interpreter brought in to help negotiate with the Chinese man, however, the man was not convinced and refused to climb down. The rescue teams deployed a rescue jumping cushion to prevent the man from falling into the ground.

After a two-hour negotiation, the Chinese man was stressed out by the officers and reportedly jumped into a water tank. The officers then rushed to rescue the man from the water tank with some difficulty and transferred the man to the General Police Hospital for medical treatment and body examination.

Upon the police investigation, it was found that at 2:00 AM, on March 28th, Fuyu was arrested by Lumpini patrol police as he was allegedly intoxicated and went berserk from a hotel in Soi Sukhumvit 5, Watthana, Bangkok.

At 4:00 PM, on March 29th, the police interrogated Fuyu and inspected his documentation. It was reported that Fuyu held valid documentation and a passport. However, while contacting Fuyu’s relative to pick him up from the station, Fuyu disappeared and was later found on the rooftop of the station.

Initially, the police would press charges of committing an obscene act offense against Fuyu after he was discharged from the hospital and send him to immigration officers for further deportation processing.

The police did not state the reason behind the man’s action, noted TPN.

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