Triple Shooting Tragedy in Lopburi: Suspect Arrested Shortly Afterwards


At 8:30 PM, on March 20th, 2024, Manao Wan police received a shooting report from a house in Phatthana Nikhom, Lopburi. As a result, there were three casualties reported.

Phatthana Nikhom emergency services and Manao Wan police were dispatched to the incident scene and found three men lying still covered in blood. The officers secured the area to gather evidence and perform an initial autopsy.

The victims were publicly identified as Mr. Siprai Sophet, a 54-year-old house owner, who was later announced deceased at a hospital after being shot at the back of his head, Mr. Khomson Chaiyawat, 48-year-old Siprai’s friend, who was also shot at the back of his head, and Mr. Samratchai Kosungnoen, 28-year-old Siprai’s friend, who was later announced deceased at a local hospital after being shot at the head and in his chest twice.

The police found a hammer with bloodstains near Siprai’s body and a pocket knife was found near Khomson’s body.

According to the police report, the suspect was publicly identified as Mr. Anuwat Thattaphong, a 34-year-old grandson-in-law of Siprai, who allegedly shot all three men to their deaths. The suspect fled after committing the crimes on a black pickup truck.

However, Wang Muang police quickly captured the suspect at a police checkpoint with a firearm allegedly used to commit the crimes. The suspect was escorted to the Manao Wan police station for interrogation.

An unidentified local leader told the police that he received a report from a villager that four gunshot sounds were heard. He then rushed to inspect the complaint and found two seriously injured people and one body before reporting to the police. The local leader further added that Siprai reportedly regularly used his house as a place for local teenagers to gather, take drugs, and drink alcoholic beverages.

Upon the police interrogation, Anuwat, the suspect, reportedly told the police that he committed the crimes as he was infuriated. According to the police report, Anuwat previously had a heated argument with his wife on the incident day and shot at the sky twice.

Anuwat later visited Siprai’s house for papaya, however, Siprai spoke to him in an insulting manner causing Anuwat to be further angry. Anuwat had a personal grudge against Siprai as he was allegedly a drug addict and often asked for money from his wife. When Siprai did not get the money he then threatened Anuwat’s other family members, according to Anuwat.

Anuwat further stated that Siprai used a hammer to initiate the assault first and his two friends were laughing, causing him to become further infuriated. Anuwat then shot them to their death and denied any involvement in illicit substances, according to the police report.

Initially, Anuwat was facing harsh legal charges of intentionally killing other persons and other related offenses.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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