Woman Found Murdered at Kalasin Dam; Husband Arrested


At 11:00 AM, on March 13th, 2024, Lampao police officers received a murder report of a female body being found tied to a tree at the Lampao dam, Mueang, Kalasin.

Lampao forensic police, emergency services, and relevant agencies were dispatched to the crime scene. They found the female body identified as Mrs. Somphit Senakit, 53, being strung by a rope around the neck to a tree at Lampao dam, only 200 meters away from the shore.

Upon the initial body examination, the body was found to have had seven cut wounds at the throat and the torso, with an estimated time of death of at least one hour, according to the police.

At the crime scene, bloodstains were found as the body appeared to have been dragged into the water from a hut 20 meters away. It was assumed that the victim was brutally stabbed to death and dragged into the dam with a rope around her neck and later tied to a tree in a poor attempt to conceal the corpse, according to the police.

The police interrogated witnesses and close relatives and found out that the prime suspect of the murder was Mr. Samran Singsuwan, the 59-year-old husband of the victim.

Mr. Athit, a 32-year-old son of Somphit, reportedly told the police that Somphit and Samran, a fairly new husband, had been together for two years after Samran’s release from prison. For the past two years, Samran allegedly physically assaulted Somphit repeatedly. Samran reportedly threatened to kill Somphit sometimes, said Athit.

On the incident day, Somphit had done her morning routine as usual, however, she went missing after late morning, said Athit. He then went to search for her and found Somphit’s motorbike at the Lampao dam and bloodstains, according to Athit. He followed the bloodstains and found Somphit’s body being tied to a tree at the dam, said Athit.

Initially, the police were able to capture Samran with a knife used to commit the crimes, and his clothes were covered with blood. The suspect reportedly confessed his wrongdoings to the police before being escorted to Lampao police station for further legal processing.

As for any possible motive, this was not released to the media.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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