Thai Authorities Seize E-Cigarette Vending Machine in Nakhon Pathom Market, Cracks Down on Sales to Minors

Nakhon Pathom—

On March 12th, 2024, the Thai Consumer Protection Police Division (CPPD) inspected a market in Kamphaeng Saen, Nakhon Pathom, after receiving a report from locals that many minors were purchasing e-cigarettes from a vending machine.

According to CPPD, locals in the Kamphaeng Saen area reported that there was an e-cigarette vending machine stationed at a local market. The CPPD performed a field inspection in the reported area.

Upon an investigation, the CPPD found out that many students and minors allegedly freely bought e-cigarettes and e-liquids from the vending machine in accordance with the report from the locals. However, no owner of the e-cigarette vending machine was identified. No contact or license information of the owner was found on the machine.

The CPPD seized the vending machine with 378 pieces of e-cigarettes and e-liquids, with an estimated value of 580,000 baht of valuables. Kamphaeng Saen police officers confiscated the property in dispute as evidence and pledged to investigate further to hold involved individuals accountable for their crimes.

Selling e-cigarettes or e-cigarette refill liquids is illegal in Thailand, noted TPN National News.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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