Thai Government Launches ‘Vape Operation’ in Bangkok, Seize 10,000 Illegal E-Cigarette Products Valued at 3 Million Baht


At 2:30 PM, on March 6th, 2024, Dr. Puangpetch Chunlaid, the Minister attached to the Prime Minister’s Office, and relevant agencies launched a “Vape Operation” to eradicate major sources of e-cigarette sales worth more than three million baht in Bangkok areas.

Dr. Puangpetch and relevant agencies performed field inspections in various areas in Bangkok after a police investigation. The major sources of e-cigarette sales were located in community areas selling e-cigarettes to minors and students.

The officers confiscated the property in dispute before investigating further into warehouses that were distribution centers in the Daeng area. The illegal sales also had online platforms that delivered the products to customers, according to the police.

The “Vape Operation” had integration with all sectors to suppress and eradicate e-cigarettes from Thai society. As a result, 15 different locations were raided, and captured eight suspects involved in e-cigarette sales in Bangkok. More than 10,000 illegal e-cigarette-related products were seized with an estimated value of three million baht.

Dr. Puangpetch added that the Thai government gave importance to stopping illegal sales of e-cigarettes which could be easily accessed by minors and students in the area.

Furthermore, many shops were found near education institutes. The e-cigarette packages had attractive appearances to lure minors to buy the product, said Dr. Puangpetch.
Dr. Puangpetch urged all guardians and parents to monitor their children to stay away from e-cigarettes as they cause harm to the body and potentially affect brain development.

To report illegal sales of e-cigarettes, please dial 1166 or via the Traffy Fondue application or all government hotlines, remarked Dr. Puangpetch.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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