Sa Kaeo and Cambodian Officials Launch Joint Operation to Combat PM 2.5 Problems at Thai-Cambodia Border


On March 6th, 2024, Thai national media reported that Sa Kaeo and Cambodian government officials launched a joint operation to tackle PM 2.5 problems by publicizing a campaign to stop burning or any activities that caused smog.

The joint operation between the two nations was in accordance with the Thai government policy to tackle PM 2.5 dust and hotspots in Thailand and Cambodia by working proactively with integration with the Cambodian government.

The Thai government acknowledged the PM 2.5 problems as a national agenda that needed to be tackled urgently for good health and the environment.

The Sa Kaeo officials launched the operation by publicizing a campaign in local areas in four districts, at the Thai-Camdodia border.

The operation included three main strategies:

1.) Enacting public signs in areas of both nations in eight different locations such as trade relief points and permanent border checkpoints.

2.) Publicizing locals asking for cooperation in stopping burning and any activities that caused smog to reduce PM 2.5 dust in the border district areas.

3.) Border Patrol Special Units and Thai and Cambodian agencies to hold campaign marches in border districts of both countries. The march includes spraying water into the air to what officials say helps dissipate air pollution.

As a result of the operation, it was reported that the hotspots and PM 2.5 values were evidently deceased in both Thailand and Cambodia as the locals were aware of the negative impacts of illegal burning, according to Thai national media.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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