Update: Khon Kaen Police Capture Suspect Involved in Murder and Burning of Body in Garbage Pit

Khon Kaen—

On February 26th, 2024, Waeng Noi police officers publicly revealed the case progress of unidentified remains of a human body found burnt at a garbage pit in Waeng Noi, Khon Kaen.

Read the recent story of unidentified remains of a human body found at a garbage pit in Waeng Noi, Khon Kaen.

Upon police investigation, it was found that a suspect, publicly identified only as Ms. Paichit, 39, was allegedly involved in the murder and burning of the body of Ms. Benyapha, 47, to remove the evidence. Paichit, the suspect, was escorted to the crime scene, the garbage pit, to make a confession and perform a crime reenactment.

However, the suspect reportedly denied the allegation that she murdered Benyapha. According to the investigative police report, based on evidence and testimony of the accused, it was found that the suspect gave an ambiguous statement that did not match the timeline.

The Waeng Noi officers had potential evidence to hold the accused accountable for her crimes which could not be disclosed as it would affect the case progress and police investigation. However, it was assumed by the police that a third party might also be involved in the murder.

Initially, the suspect faced charges of stealing or receiving stolen property, and hiding or destroying a corpse or parts of a corpse to conceal the cause of death. The police requested the court’s authority to detain the suspect for further legal processing.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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