MasangSoft announces updates and Epic Store launch of ‘MICROVOLTS: Recharged

‘MICROVOLTS: Recharged’ (MVR) is a free PC online shooting game accessible on Steam in which players engage in thrilling and intense battles in the charming Micro World. The game offers a variety of themed maps and modes to provide engaging combat experiences. Thanks to the third-person perspective, players can easily grasp the battlefield situation in real-time and devise their own strategies for victory using seven unique types of weapons. Additionally, players can select their own avatar from nine distinctive action figures and customize their appearance with various costumes. Easy controls and the game’s inherently casual nature allow players to relieve everyday stress. Embarking on an exciting adventure with MVR, players can discover the kind of true enjoyment that isn’t normally found in more hardcore games.


Starter Pack DLC Release:

On January 30th, a DLC Starter Pack was launched for new players. It will be available at a discounted price during the Steam Spring Festival. The Starter Pack includes membership, RT, and costume items.


Maid Season Costumes:

On February 27th, Maid Season costumes will be unveiled, and players can obtain a Maid Season Diorama Stand through attendance checks.


League Matches:

A league system allowing for competition in both solo (1v1) and team (4v4) formats is in preparation, with a preseason scheduled upon the league’s update.

Epic Games Store:

In March, ‘MICROVOLTS: Recharged’ will also be available on the Epic Games Store.

A representative from MasangSoft stated, “Since the launch of Microvolts on September 9 last year, we have been working hard to meet the expectations of many, and we ask for your continued interest and participation.”


More information can be found at the official sites below.





Epic Store: MICROVOLTS: Recharged Coming Soon – Epic Games Store   




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