Human-Caused Fires Ravage Thai-Cambodia Border: Trat Authorities Take Action


At 11:30 AM on February 11th, 2024, Trat local media reported an illegally human-caused fire situation along the Banthat Mountain Range, Thai-Cambodia border, in the Chum Rak area, Mueang, Trat.

It was reported that there were three to four fire smoke spots along the Banthat Mountain Range. The fire smoke visibly covered the Chum Rak area, according to Trat local media.

The fires engulfed more than 2 kilometers along the mountain range, having dry grasses and trees as fire sources. The human-caused fires also kept spreading into the Thai border for 1 kilometer.

Explosions along with burning sounds from fires could be heard from afar as there were also landmines deployed in the forest vicinity for territorial defense measures, according to Trat local media.

Trat marine rangers publicly revealed that the human-caused fires had been burning along the mountain range for more than two days. The fires reportedly happened along the Thai-Cambodia border annually during the dry season as Cambodian farmers burned the forest in preparation to grow new crops, according to the Trat marine rangers.

As a result, the fire smoke and ash drifted to Thailand, causing inevitable fires in Thai territory. The Trat marine rangers promptly requested relevant agencies for cooperation to make fire lines to prevent further fire spreading in the Laem Klat subdistrict, Trat.

Additionally, the Trat Governor coordinated with the Cambodian government and Thai locals, requesting a suspension on illegal burning activities. Furthermore, strict legal action would be enforced against those who violated the regulations, warned the Trat Governor.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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