Soho Town Pattaya Celebrates 12th Anniversary During Chinese New Year Festivities

Pattaya —

On February 10th, 2024, Soho Town, a popular tourist destination in Pattaya, marked a significant milestone – its 12th anniversary – with a grand celebration coinciding with the Chinese New Year festivities.

Founded by Mr. Pheerapong Hanyaraphiphong, Soho Town was established as a Chinatown landmark aiming to bolster tourism in Pattaya. Mr. Pheerapong stated to the associated press that the venue has been greatly successful in attracting foreign tourists, particularly from China, despite its lower profile among Thai visitors.

During Covid-19, like much of Pattaya, the area struggled and fell silent due to lack of tourists but managed to survive the devastation of Covid restrictions and rules for over two years and is now busy every night and has fully recovered.

To commemorate the dual occasion, Soho Town’s anniversary celebration commenced with an impressive display – the longest dragon dance in Pattaya, stretching an impressive 52 meters. The festivities continued with captivating lion dance performances showcasing four distinct styles and a mesmerizing human face-changing show.

Strategically located along Pattaya Second Road, Soho Town encompasses over 6 rais and is divided into four distinct zones. Zone 1, the Chinatown, features a delectable array of Chinese restaurants as its central attraction.

Zone A, the Street Food, located near Soi 1, boasts a pedestrian-friendly street bustling with culinary delights.

Zone 2, the Side Lane, situated within the Guan Im Pang Pan Mue and Dragon Lord Square, emphasizes a vibrant walking street experience.

Currently under development, Zone 3 is designated as a temporary parking space.

In a heartwarming gesture, Mr. Pheerapong extended a special offer to Thai vendors and local residents. Zone 2’s Side Lane zone will be open for them to set up food and merchandise stalls free of charge until the end of April. Those interested can visit the Soho Town office located on Pattaya Second Road (Soi 1) between 2:00 PM and 10:00 PM or dial 063 782 6516.


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Aim Tanakorn
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