Chonburi Authorities Crack Down on Homelessness in Pattaya and Jomtien: 14 Individuals Detained, One With Drugs


On February 2nd, 2024, Mrs. Ratchanee Worarat, the Director of the Chonburi Center for the Homeless and relevant agencies performed a field inspection in the Pattaya City area on homeless people and beggars as it negatively impacts Pattaya City and causes crimes, according to her.

The police and relevant agencies first inspected Yin Yom Beach and found various groups of homeless people gathering at the beach. Four homeless people were gathering at Pattaya Second Road, Jomtien, drinking alcoholic beverages and begging for money from foreign tourists, according to police.

Furthermore, the police inspected an abandoned building in Soi Jomtien 1 and found a group of homeless people gathering and taking illicit substances. The police then took hold of them and confiscated the illicit substances for legal processing.

Initially, the police escorted 14 homeless people to Pattaya City police station and ordered them not to station themselves in public areas frequented by tourists as they were or they would be taken for further legal action. They were released afterward.

Six homeless people tested positive for drug tests and one of them was pressed on charges of possessing illicit substances, according to the police.

Ratchanee publicly stated that the Center for the Homeless provided welfare for them such as free settlement, meals, and transportation if they wished to return to their hometown. The Center for the Homeless officials would find guidance to assist them in the best possible ways.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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