Thai Authorities Prepare for Cobra Gold 2024 Near Pattaya with US Advisory Group, Space Training, and Soft Power Focus


On January 14th, 2024, Mr. Jirayu Huangsap, the spokesman for the Ministry of Defense for Political Affairs, warmly welcomed the Joint US Military Advisory Group and discussed preparation for Cobra Gold 2024 in Chonburi-Rayong Royal Thai Navy base and other military locations.

The Cobra Gold is an annual multi-national Indo-Pacific military exercise held in Thailand and will take place from February 27th, 2024 onwards. The purpose of the training was to enhance the potential for disaster relief and regional natural disasters and to combat cyber warfare threats.
Jirayu publicly revealed that the Cobra Gold 2024 would also incorporate space training to understand the impact of space phenomena on regional military operations more effectively.

The Thai Defence Information and Space Technology Department, and Thai Space Operation Center of the Royal Thai Air Force will also participate in the Cobra Gold 2024 training as well, said Jirayu.
“Dr. Sutin Klungsang, the Thai Minister of Defense, said that apart from weapon and tactical training in Cobra Gold 2024, Thailand will also promote soft power as a cultural exchange such as Muay Thai as a close combat training and other Thai soft power activities,” concluded Jirayu.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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