Pattaya Takes Swift Action: Crosswalk Signs Adjusted After Reports of Tourists Hitting Heads on Low Hanging Signs


On January 11th, 2024, Pattaya local media received complaints from locals that many foreign tourists hit their heads with crosswalk signs in the Jomtien area, Pattaya.

The locals reported that many tourists hit their heads with crosswalk signs as they were set too low, causing repetitive incidents.
On January 12th, relevant agencies inspected the area in Jomtien Second Road and the Hanuman Jomtien Intersection and readjusted the crosswalk signs to above the head level.
The locals complimented the quick response from Pattaya officials to the request as it would prevent future inconvenience while walking past the signs.

TPN Media notes that some comments online, however, said that people should not be focused on their mobile phones or otherwise distracted while walking and they would then be less likely to walk into potential obstructions.

Kittisak Phalaharn
Kittisak has a passion for outgoings no matter how tough it will be, he will travel with an adventurous style. As for his interests in fantasy, detective genres in novels and sports science books are parts of his soul. He works for Pattaya News as the latest writer.