Verdict in ‘Nong Chompoo’ Murder Case: Uncle Phon Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison, Aunt Taen Acquitted


At 10:00 AM, on December 20th, 2023, the Mukdahan Provincial Court judge read the verdict in the notorious “Nong Chompoo” murder case, ordering Mr. Chaiphol Wipha, more commonly known as Uncle Phon, to 20 years in prison and dismissing the charges against his wife, Ms. Somporn Labpho or Aunt Taen.

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Chaiphol was pressed with charges of causing one to end life through intentional violence, resulting in imprisonment for 10 years, and abandoning a child under the age of fifteen to meet one’s end from lack of care, without justifiable reason, with imprisonment for 10 years. Charges for intentional murder and tampering with a body were dropped.

After the verdict was ruled, Mrs. Sawitri Wongsricha, the victim’s 40-year-old mother, posted on social media thanking the judge and heaven for mercy and justice.

Thai reporters reportedly stated that the Mukdahan Provincial Court later granted bail of 500,000 baht to Mr. Chaiphol after the verdict, who plans to appeal the verdict.

Uncle Phon was famous across Thai social media for his viral videos depicting rural life in Thailand and has even appeared in music videos and many other collaborations with other social media influencers.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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