11 Illegal Immigrants Captured in Sa Kaeo after Driver Escapes Police Pursuit

Sa Kaeo—

At 10:00 AM, on December 9th, 2023, Sa Kaeo police captured 11 illegal immigrants hiding inside a pickup truck in Khlong Hat, Sa Kaeo. It was reported that the Thai driver escaped.

Sa Kaeo immigration officers and highway police set up a checkpoint to prevent illegal immigration and contraband smuggling on Khlong Hat-Watthana Nakhon road, Sa Kaeo.

According to a report by police officers, a pickup truck driver was signaled for an inspection, however, the driver sped up and zoomed off. The highway police then pursued the suspected pickup truck and called for backup from Khlong Hat police officers.

During the police pursuit, the suspected pickup truck reportedly had an accident and overturned on the roadside. There were many people stuck inside the vehicle before being rescued safely by the police officers.

Initially, the police officers escorted 11 illegal immigrants who were Bangladeshi nationals aged between 22-47 years to Khlong Hat police station. However, the unidentified Thai driver was able to escape, said the police.

The police officers said that the Bangladeshis held a passport but they had no stamps for entering Thailand. They reportedly said to the police officers that they were heading to Malaysia by contacting an unidentified Cambodia agent and paying him 5,000 baht for transportation.

Consequently, the Khlong Hat inquiry officers took hold of the illegal immigrants for further legal processing and pledged to track down the Thai driver to hold him accountable for his crimes.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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