Marine Department to Invest 285 Million Baht into Overhauling Koh Larn Pier

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Pattaya —

The Marine Department is requesting a budget of 285 million baht to facilitate its ambitious plan to renew the Na Baan Pier on Koh Larn to increase safety and boost Pattaya’s tourism.

The major upgrade project for Koh Larn’s pier will be funded over three years and is expected to be fully completed by 2026, according to Mr. Kritphet Chaichuay, Inspector General of the Ministry of Transport and Acting Director-General of the Marine Department.

With a total budget of 285 million baht pulled from three fiscal years: 57 million baht in 2024, 114 million baht in 2025, and 114 million baht in 2026, the scheme is expected to be able to support the growing number of Koh Larn visitors, hopefully from 6,000-7,000 visitors currently on weekdays and 8,000-10,000 on weekends to 30,000 per day in the future.

According to Mr. Kritphet, Koh Larn is a crucial tourist destination in Pattaya as it attracts around 5-6 million visitors annually.

The island, connected to the mainland by the Na Baan Pier and the Bali Hai Pier, has witnessed a continuous rise in tourism. The number rises significantly during peak seasons, with 60% of visitors being Thai and 40% foreigners hailing from countries like China, India, Russia, and South Korea.

The existing pier, established in 1968, will undergo several upgrades including:

  • Demolition of the existing pier and construction of a temporary pier
  • Building of a permanent pier with dimensions of 198 x 14 meters
  • Building of a waiting shelter
  • Construction of six concrete pontoons
  • Construction of two sets of level-adjustable piers

The Marine Department plans to initiate the procurement process in late 2024 and commence the project within the same year. The construction period is estimated to span 900 days.

The project is currently undergoing an environmental impact assessment process.

PHOTO: Dailynews
PHOTO: Dailynews
PHOTO: Dailynews
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