Pattaya City to be a Co-Host for Upcoming International Event and Festival Awards

International Festival & Events Association Asia or IFEA Asia recently visited Pattaya City (Chonburi, Thailand) and the city consented to be a co-host for the 2024 Pinnacle Awards and Asia Festival City Awards Conference.

Each year, the International Festivals & Events Association Asia (IFEA Asia) recognizes outstanding accomplishments and top quality creative, promotional, operational and community outreach programs and materials produced by festivals and events around Asia, with the Pinnacle Awards Competition which lead to an annual event of the Pinnacle Awards Asia Conference.

In 2024, IFEA decided to organize the Pinnacle Awards and Asia Festival City Awards Conference in Pattaya City due to it being one of the most significant MICE cities in Thailand which is one of Asia’s largest business events hubs, providing amenable service support for the MICE business sector. Moreover, Pattaya’s International Fireworks Festival has been named one of Asia’s top three ocean cities festivals by IFEA Asia.

During the site inspection trip, the IFEA Asia delegation including IFEA Asia President and IFEA Korea Chairman, Jeong Gang-Hoan, Ph.D inspected 3 local communities: The Nong Pla Lai community, Fahsai Aiko Garden and Ban Roi Sao cultural site, and the Zign Hotel which will be the official hotel for the event.

Since Pattaya’s reputation is known for coconuts, there are several implements related to coconuts from food products to activities. For example, homemade coconut rice cakes from the Nong Pla Lai community, Fahsai Aiko’s coconut shell tie dye fabric and a disc golf activity which uses the coconut garden as a disc golf court, and finally coconut bowling that uses coconuts instead of a ball and pins at the Ban Roi Sao cultural site.

In addition, the IFEA Asia delegation had a meeting with Miss Titipan Pettrakul, Deputy Mayor of Pattaya City, Mrs. Supawan Teerarat, Senior Vice President of the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) and Miss Suratsa Thongmee, Central Regional Director TCEB, on the readiness and preparation for the Pinnacle Awards Asia Conference 2024 and the integration between IFEA Asia, TCEB and Pattaya’s government sectors, including Pattaya City, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (DASTA) and Directory of Provincial Administrative Organizations (PAO). Those mentioned organizations are the co-hosts that jointly will operate this conference successfully.

Last but not least, this is the first edition of the Pinnacle Awards and Asia Festival City Awards Conference that will be held in an Asian country other than South Korea, which is an opportunity for both the city and the festival creators to exchange and discuss further ideas which will encourage either a new destination or an exaltation of the Asian festivals.

IFEA Asia President and IFEA Korea Chairman, Jeong Gang-Hoan, Ph.D mentioned that the 2024 Pinnacle Awards and Asia Festival City Awards Conference will be an unforgettable experience that will inspire and energize attendees. It will create a ripple effect that extends far beyond the event itself, transforming the festivals and events industry for years to come. And through this conference, you will discover excellent festival cities and Asian festivals.

The exact dates and agenda will be announced in the near future.

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