Tragic Accident at Temple in Sisaket : Eight Dead, Six Injured as Drunk Pickup Truck Driver Crashes into Crowd at Outdoor Movie Theater


At 11:00 PM, on November 25th, 2023, Phrai Bueng police officers received an accident report of a pickup truck that crashed into people at the Samrongphlan temple, Phrai Bueng, Sisaket. There were eight casualties and six injuries reported.

The Phrai Bueng police officers and Sisaket rescue teams were dispatched to the accident scene and found a flipped-over pickup truck in severe condition. Mr. Kiattisak, a 37-year-old pickup truck driver, suffered only a minor injury. His last name was not released by Phrai Bueng police.

Nearby, the rescue teams found seven dead bodies and multiple other injured people before being transferred to a local hospital. However, one more person was pronounced dead shortly after.

According to the report from Phrai Bueng police officers, Mr. Somnuek, an eye witness, reportedly said that he saw an incoming pickup truck speeding with loud noises like a racing car. Suddenly, the pickup truck crashed into the crowds of people standing at the roadside after an outdoor movie showing for a funeral had ended.

The police officers reported that more than 15 vehicles were damaged and many people were dead and injured as a result.

Initially, Kiattisak was tested for alcohol content, which reportedly was 240 mg%, and was found with many bottles of alcoholic beverages inside the pickup truck. Kiattisak reportedly testified in gibberish to the police officers that he was heading home to Surin after a religious ceremony before having the accident. Kiattisak reportedly admitted that he drank alcohol heavily previously in the night.

Consequently, the Phrai Bueng police officers took hold of Kiattisak for further legal process and pressed charges of DUI and driving carelessly causing the death of persons.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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