Thai Highway Police Pursue and Apprehend Truck Driver for Exceeding Legal Weight Limits in Nakhon Pathom

Nakhon Pathom—

On November 23rd, 2023, Thai highway police pursued a truck driver who carried weight exceeding legal limits on Highway Road 3233 in Nakhon Chai Si, Nakhon Pathom.

According to the report from the highway police, the truck driver who was publicly identified only as Mr. Phisit, 53, carried soil that was suspected to exceed the legal weight limit. The highway police then signaled for the truck driver to stop his engine for inspection, however, Phisit reportedly further sped up and drove furiously to avoid an arrest.

The truck almost collided with a police car, said the highway police.
Shortly after, the truck driver was cornered by another unidentified truck driver who assisted the highway police. But Phisit reportedly attempted to flee away to a roadside forest before being arrested not far away from his truck.

The highway police officers then conducted an inspection of the truck and found out that the truck carried soil over 32 tonnes as the legal limit is 25 tonnes.

Initially, Phisit reportedly testified that he was the owner of the truck that carried excessive weight and was heading to deliver the soil to a customer. Phisit stated his reason to the highway police that he panicked was because he realized that he carried excessive weight.

Consequently, Phisit was escorted to the Nakhon Chai Si police station for further legal process.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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