Thai Authorities Seize Illegal Python Skins and Carcasses in Phichit Raid


On November 20th, 2023, Thai Natural Resources and Environmental Crime Suppression (NED) officers launched a search operation on four different locations in Mueang Phichit, and confiscated 12 wild pythons, 5 sheets of dried python skin, and other wild animal carcasses.

According to the report from NED officers, an anonymous source reported that there was illegal dissecting of pythons to skin them and sell them abroad as accessories. The NED officers then gathered evidence and requested a search warrant from the Thai courts.

As a result, an unidentified alleged owner of the goods was pressed with charges of unlawful possession of protected wildlife and carcasses without permission according to the Wild Animal Preservation and Protection Act.

Furthermore, NED officers stated to Thai national media after the investigation that nowadays pythons are wanted for their skin and organs. A python could be sold alive for 80 baht per kilogram and their skin was worth 1,000 baht per meter.

Kittisak Phalaharn
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