Two Foreign Men Arrested in Connection With Suspicious Death of Taiwanese Man in Bangkok

Bangkok –

A Cameroon and Myanmar man were arrested after they were allegedly involved in the murder of a Taiwanese man at a hotel in Bangkok. Both suspects have reportedly admitted to tying up the Taiwanese man in an attempt to extort money from him but deny murdering him.

Our previous story:

A Taiwanese tourist was found dead under suspicious circumstances yesterday at his accommodation in Bangkok. He had arrived in Thailand just two days before, according to the Royal Thai police.

Now for the update:

The Metropolitan Police told TPN media that over this past weekend they arrested a 21-year-old Myanmar man and a 40-year-old Cameroon man on a road in Nong Bon, Bang Na. Both of their names were withheld by Thai police pending a further investigation. The two suspects are being accused of being involved in an intentional murder in arrest warrants issued by the Phra Khanong Criminal Court.

The Myanmar man has denied the charge and told Thai police that he had applied for an online job and an unidentified Thai woman asked him to only follow someone and that he would be paid for doing so and providing her with information. The Cameroon man has also denied the charge and told police that he is a language teacher but had also accepted a similar job offer.

The Thai woman asked them to meet at a coffee shop with another unidentified foreigner. The Thai woman told them that she needed money from the Taiwanese victim as he had lots of wealth.

All three men went to the Taiwanese man’s room and they tied him up before searching for money inside the room. However, they only found a laptop and mobile phone before speeding away. The two suspects said the Taiwanese man was still alive when they left.

The third suspect has now been identified as only a Vanuatu man who is still on the run, added Thai police. The identity of the Thai woman who allegedly hired the three foreign men is still unknown and she remains at large as of press time.

The two captured suspects remain in custody as Thai police continue to investigate the complex case. TPN media will continue to update this story as more details are released.

This article originally appeared on our sister website TPN National.

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