Thai Police Crack Down on Illegally Modified Motorcycle Parts Across 11 Provinces


On November 16th, 2023, Pol. Lt. Gen. Witthaya Sriprasertphap, the Commissioner of the Consumer Protection Police Division (CPPD), and CPPD officers launched a search operation in 11 provinces across Thailand on illegally modified motorcycle exhaust pipes.

According to the report from the CPPD officers, more than 954 modified motorcycle exhaust pipes and other modifier parts were confiscated in 40 locations from 11 provinces.

Pol. Lt. Gen. Witthaya publicly stated that the search operation was per an order from the Royal Thai Police. Many teenagers, in the thousands, will gather for motorcycle trips in the winter season on highway roads causing annoyance to locals and drivers from loud noises of illegally modified motorcycle exhaust pipes.

Therefore, Pol. Lt. Gen. Witthaya ordered relevant police officers to perform local inspections of manufacturing factories, warehouses, and repair shops and capture those who violated the law.

During the search operation, more than 954 units of modified motorcycle parts worth over 2 million baht were not approved by the Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI). Most of the shops have been selling modified parts on online platforms within private groups to avoid arrest.

Some manufacturers had TISI permits on motorcycle parts but modified them regardless of Thai specifications according to the law.

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