Pattaya Pedestrians Cry Foul Over Cars Brazenly Parking on Sidewalks

Pattaya —

Pedestrians in Pattaya are seeking assistance from city officials and law enforcement to address the issue of cars brazenly parking on sidewalks.

Residents along Jomtien Second Road took to The Pattaya News to express their plight regarding indiscriminate parking on pedestrian pathways. The complainants revealed that the issue was causing great inconvenience to them and potentially damaging the sidewalks.

According to the complaints, several drivers regularly opted to park their vehicles, both cars and motorcycles, directly on the sidewalks. This practice is particularly prevalent in the vicinity of the ongoing construction site for the Thepprasit 9 drainage project, which connects to Wat Boonkanjanaram. It’s worth noting that ongoing construction has hurt the availability of normal parking in these areas.

The ongoing construction has resulted in a scarcity of available parking space in the neighborhood due to the reduction of traffic lanes on the westbound side heading towards downtown Pattaya. This scarcity has compelled drivers to resort to parking on the sidewalks, further obstructing visibility and access to various restaurants and beverage shops in the area.

Pol. Lt. Col. Arus Saphanon, chief of the Pattaya traffic police, warned that the drivers are breaching the Cleanliness and Traffic Act. He said they will receive a warning for the first time when caught or a fine thereafter.

The officer also urged the public to avoid parking on footpaths, especially in small areas where pedestrians need safe passage. Furthermore, business owners should arrange sufficient parking spaces for their customers and provide clear communication to ensure that patrons do not resort to parking on sidewalks.

Initially, people can report any violations via the Pattaya city hotline at 1337. Pattaya police are continuing to look into the matter and better ways to resolve the ongoing problem.


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